Ceramic, Stone, Terazzo & other Natural Hard Surfaces

Ceramic Tile Cleaning

We can restore old dirty ceramic tile and grout to a new and shiny look.We use high powerd scrubbing machines and effective cleaners.


Even though we use state of the art cleaning machines the key to success is working hard and keeping at it until the floor is clean and restored.


Fresh Tracks is dedicated to restoring and cleaning your hard surface floors to keep your investment looking its best for years.

Full line of cleaners and sealers


Impregnator STG is a solvent based fluoro protection system for stone and grout.
You will find Impregnator STG ideal for application to polished stone and grout.

Vinyl Composition Tile and Surfaces needing Finishes

VCT Finishing


Fresh Tracks can give your hard surfaces a shine like you have never seen. We specialize in restoring old VCT floors and giving them a new and bright finish.


  • Strip off old finish
  • Clean floor
  • Apply new floor finish


The key to a clean floor is regular maintenance. We keep your floor clean...not clean your floor.

Rubber, Luxury Vinyl and other Factory-Finished Surfaces

Pre-Finished Floors


Even though you may have a factory finished floor it still needs deep cleaning and sanitizing.



We have the perfect cleaners to disinfect and and bring your floor back to its original shine.



Let us keep your LVT, Rubber and Vinyl floors looking great for years.