We make CLEANING happen!

The longevity and appearance of flooring will only be as good as the cleaning program used to maintain it.  So, in 1997, Seelye Group established FreshTracks to provide our customers with real cleaning solutions.



Seelye Group was founded on a passion for excellence.  We not only want to install quality flooring in a professional way, but we want it to look good for years to come.


Because every facility requires unique consideration, FreshTracks has developed proven methods for cleaning...


     carpetceramicvinyl, office furniture, chairs, ceiling tiles, windows


              ...and just about every other surface and fabric found in a commercial setting.

Carpet Cleaning Systems:

We offer three carpet cleaning systems:


          dry cleaning, wet extraction, & the newly develped crystal encapsulation system


                                     ...along with over a hundred specialty products.  


White Glove Cleaning

We have combined all of our cleaning services into one convenient program called 

White Glove Cleaning.

This unique cleaning service is especially beneficial when used in conjuction with The Lift System.  It will make your office move-in-ready after any renovation or office more.


To learn more about our White Glove Cleaning service, click here.




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         We find solutions...


                         We make CLEANING happen!